Friday, March 25, 2011

Working on the B*tch

Good news! 

I didn't have to change the brake rotors afterall.  The old rotors were in great shape, as were the pads.  RCC was worried because there's a bit of a chatter when braking, but it appears that it's the anti-lock brakes causing the chatter, not the rotors.  Can't do anything about the anti-locks.

However, Bill did manage snag some pictures of me getting my hands dirty while working on the B*tch (yes, that's her name, because she does all the bitch work).

Checking for warping...

There was a little lip on the rotor that we sanded off

Personal torture training is paying off

Yup, standing flat-footed, this is as far in the engine compartment as I can reach.

Couldn't reach the hood without standing in the bumper brackets.

So, I had to settle for only getting 2/3 of the windshield clean.  It's all I could reach.


Rachel said...

While I'm impressed with your car fixin skilz... I'm grinning that Bill was standing back taking these shots of ya :)

Unknown said...

That's one big b*tch. Now go get that hay!

Mrs. Mom said...

*coughcough* gotta do what i used to do Diva and open the truck door, stand inside the cab, and lean over the wind shield to wash it off ;) Even w/ a bit more reach than you I still have to have that extra boost.

Makes me miss having a BIG truck! Course, I dont miss the BIG fuel bill right

Dreaming said...

When I was young(er) and had a simple car (a VW... they don't get much more basic than that) I used to love doing 'work' on it and getting dirty and greasy. Now they are just too complicated (oh, and big!)
LOL Love your post! You go, Girl!