Sunday, February 6, 2011

Follow Up to "Who's The Boss?"

There were a couple of comments on my last post that I wanted to respond to; mostly, how did the episode turn out?

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...the change was pretty astounding.  Like most manner issues, the change has to come from the human.  Once Michele understood that she had to be the leader, Jonas fell right into line.  All photos courtesy of The Whole Picture, LLC.

Get out of my space!

Standing like a polite gentleman.

Oooo...scary quad.  But wait...Mom's not scared...

Standing nicely on a loose line while I cleaned his boogers.

There was also another comment asking about seeing the whole episode.  Well, I found out that you don't have to have RFD-TV or buy the DVD at the end of the season to see the whole episode.  If you join RFD-TV's Country Club, you can watch all of the episodes on your computer.  The cost for joining is $14.99/month, but you can get the first month free, watch all the episodes you want and cancel before getting charged.

One last update - I haven't had another riding lesson.  Seems Mother Nature has been conspiring against my plans for lessons.  I'm a bit - well more than a bit - sad about it.  I really enjoyed my one and only lesson (so far) and can't wait for another.  In the meantime, I've joined a gym and have a few sessions set up with a personal trainer, so maybe I won't hurt quite as bad once I get to ride again.


Momma Fargo said...

You had me until...boogers. I'm gagging now.

Linda said...

Very cool to see the change. I'd love to see the whole video series.

Rachel said...

Yeah... I was good until boogers too...

See, I think that exact "Who's the Boss" thing is probably the #1 challenge for most people who love horses and think they might be ready for one.

Heck, I still get nervous, and I have a *sweetheart*.

I have a lot to learn!

Thx for the update!

Dreaming said...

I missed your previous post, but just happened to have watched this episode a few days ago! I even blabbed about it to my hubby. I was in awe at how quickly Jonas changed his tune. He looked so much happier when his human became the leader. It would have been way cool to have been a part of this...even if it was just cleaning nose goobers!

Rising Rainbow said...

Glad to say they got it figured out. As for the boogers, I have too many horses to let a little thing like horse boogers worry me. LOL

I wondered what the deal was with your lessons. The gym part sounds great. Wish I hadn't stopped but then I didn't do the personal trainer thing. I'll be it would be cheaper now. LOL